Master the art of the follow-through.

This leadership talk busts myths of project and time management, filling real-world gaps in goal-setting, communication, focus, action and high-performance.  

From the power of our imagination to the power of our action and collaboration, how we navigate our days matters to the results we get.  

Rose will help shift old-school deadline-based scheduling, into a results-based and value-based approach to your professional day. 

Using her SCS method, you'll learn practical tactics designed around Specifics, Clarity and Sustainability when planning and implementing project or schedule. 

Help you and your teams get the right things done, right.  

This talk is tailored to a 45 minute keynote, a lunch 'n learn 60 min, and workshop formats: 90 minute webinar (topic is tailored to audience), 2 hr in person, 4 hr, and a full day Deep-Dive Intensive, where we tailor the workshop day(s) towards the specific needs of the team. 

(Project Management PDUs and PMI Contact hours for those who need it, depending on length and specifics of talk/workshop.)

TALK #2: Fostering Courageous Creativity



Creative Thought Leadership talk: 45-60min keynote | 2 hr breakout | Customized workshop available.

Creative? Yes, we are. How and why to foster courageous creativity in our work cultures today.

Tapping into the power of creative thinking as part of a work culture. Myth-busting Creativity Taboos. Boosting creative thought for human innovation, communication and growth. Leveraging change. Aligning imagination with critical thinking. Optimizing your time and functionality with creative tasks such as writing. Permission to be messy. Permission to make progress. Permission to be extraordinary.

Redefining creativity as a high-value, high-performance variable in your days.

  • For LEADERS: Especially in the midst of deadlines, budgets, competing priorities - how do we as leaders foster project team ecosystems that allow for creative thinking?

  • FOR PROJECT TEAMS: How can we tap into creative thinking to better communicate, clarify, and solve problems?

  • FOR INNOVATORS and CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS: How do we "schedule" for creativity? How can we get creative things done, in the midst of high pressure projects? How can we approach solutions with creative thinking? 

  • FOR HIGH-PERFORMERS: How can we tap into the power of insight and creativity to help us optimize our processes, focus and action? What does performance science have to offer us today?

Creativity is the essence through which our futures and visions are made real. Without it, we wouldn't be here today. In the midst of change, growth or innovation, it matters more than ever that we evolve beyond the limits of our previous iterations, and tap into our creative power towards the growth and change we envision.

This talk helps reduce barriers to creativity and empowers you to leverage your own creative thinking and behaviors.

TALK #3: NOW >> OWN it!


  This entertaining performance takes us through a inspirational journey from life to death, bringing us back to the one thing we all have - our NOW moment. 

**This talk requires A/V and video projection**

Part 1: The Wonder of Birth. She takes us through some highlights of her book, “The Soldier’s Daughter”. Having been born to an older man who overcame some of the most horrendous tortures a human could face, she shares some of his thoughts on being alive. Conscripted into war as a child, he became a paratrooper, shot in the head at 17, captured by enemy forces, surviving years of death and WWII labour camps, and who miraculously escaped, only to start life over at the age of 27. 

She explores the miracle of each of our births – the fact that each of us have stories that could move mountains, and that each of our lives are indeed, a wonder. 


Part 2: Another one Bites the Dust 

Getting us to laugh about all the ways we think about Death. 

Most of us have had to say goodbye to those we've loved, and what feels like far too often. Many of us have met with death at least once. And those of us who have, have brought back a new-found awareness of our time left. 

She challenges us not to hide from our mortality. She asks us to face this fact with mindfulness instead of fear, out of respect to those who’ve come before us. She moves us from laughter into a heartfelt tribute to those we’ve said goodbye to, and what they might tell us if they were still here today. 

Part 3: Own <> Now. 

There is more untapped power in our now-moment, then in the sum of all of our past moments. In each moment, we make choices as to how to spend our time.

Drawing from her SCS high-performance method, she takes us through some top tips in managing our time, energy and focus. Instead of driving our schedules purely by deadlines, we have options. Come to this talk and reconnect to your time.   

Talk #4: Hitting the Right Note! Keys to Engagement via Audio and Music



45 min keynote  |  2 hour workshop session
For: Marketers, Professional Speakers (for Live and EPK design), Creative Leaders 

Did you know that people will always respond emotionally first before they engage intellectually?

As speakers, we know the importance of pacing, rhythm, tone, and well-placed narrative. But what about the space between our words?  When choosing music and audio cues, how do we know we're hitting the right note with the hearts of our audiences? 

Sound and music = the language of emotion.

Learn technical and arrangement tactics that help align your audio content with your core message. Good music choices will strengthen your connection with your audience. Poor choices will distract or disconnect their attention.

Outcome: Learn how to choose and use music cues successfully for any live, online, or visual presentation. Boost authentic connection with your audience by improving music and sound choices when creating screen visuals. Good for speaker EPKs, Live-Presenters. 

  • Brand Music: How to choose music that can help strengthen and differentiate your brand. And how to avoid choices that can disengage your audience quickly.
  • Presentation Music Choices: Strengthen your core message and communicate the right emotional message - Great for EPK design, marketing videos, screen music for your pitch.
  • The importance of synchronization: How and why to avoid poorly-aligned musical cues.
  • Collaborating with audio professionals: Clarifying questions when working with production companies, sound professionals and legal licensing tips to know for today.
  • Keys to live presentation music when using music in a live presentation 

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Optimize Team Functionality: Projects


Do you have an event coming up? Dealing with project change? Annual planning? Let us tailor a talk or workshop to the specific needs of your project team. 

We love helping your team build awaren professional skills in these arenas: 

  • Optimizing Project Management: Dialing up the Human Factor 

  • Designing Collaboration

  • Adaptive Planning 

  • Process Design 

  • Time Management: Focus, Action, Energy, Prioritization, Scheduling

  • Creative PM

  • Slaying Time Thieves

  • Thinking Creatively: Solution design and innovation

  • Managing & Adapting to Project Change 

Graduate, PhD, or Post-Doc?


L3C is a proud facilitator and curriculum developer of two popular MITACS Training Workshops held across Canada!

BUSINESS WRITING for today's professional

TIME MANAGEMENT: Productivity, performance & projects

List of MITACS Training Opportunities: 

If you're a Masters, PhD, or Post-Doc Scholar, you are eligible to attend! Mitacs Training workshops give you the skills you’ll need in your career. Taught by professionals, they’re valued at hundreds of dollars but are no cost to you. 

Can your Team Escape in time?


SAINT JOHN NB! Team-Building Packages now available! L3C has partnered with Breakout Saint John to offer your teams a fun half-day team-builder! 

Team Optimizer Package


Includes a 1-hr teamwork experience in a Breakout room, team photo, simultaneous start time, and a 3.5 hr Team Optimizer session! Productivity, communication, & project boosters! Includes Materials & post-workshop webinar.   (5 hrs in total) 

Don't have a half day? TRY THE Team Booster! 3 hrs & includes a 1 hr Communication Booster workshop!