Professional Development - Personalized.

Boost Focus, Performance, Creativity and Follow-through. 

What we can help you with:


IN PERSON: Empower your groups with our customized professional development programs! We assess your needs and design workshops that  boost quality of group performance, productivity & interpersonal communication. 

ONLINE: Sign up for our online productivity workshops and take at your own pace from anywhere!


Expertise Topics include: 

  • Professional Communication Booster :  Improve interpersonal dynamics with tactics that leverage the power of personality types  
  • Focusing your Flashlight: Synergize Creative & Critical thinking! Why Creative thinking matters and how teams can tap into its power.
  • Mastering Productivity & Performance: How can we boost our follow-through? What's urgent & Important - and why? Improve the quality of your action, energy, and how your time is used.   

Empowerment & Leadership: 

  • Fairytales of a Soldier's Daughter: Building Beyond Survival Thinking

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Or take one of our ONLINE workshops!

Focus & follow-through on what matters to you.  Our online program takes practical tactics to help you design days well lived. 


Take at your own pace, from the comfort of your own place, and on any device! 


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We offer a complimentary half-hour phone chat/consult on your team's professional development goals.  

Productivity definition:  Knowing where and how best to spend your energy, focus, and time. Knowing how to accurately estimate duration. Getting the "right" things done. Boosting your focus. Defending your schedule. Learning active communication skills. Real-world project management skills.  Sustain energy to follow-through on your goals that matter. And if everything is critical, nothing is - learning how to prioritize and navigate competing priorities in today's world. 

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